Subject: Re: Setting up a T1 and email
To: Jacob Suter <>
From: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/1998 21:56:08
On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Jacob Suter wrote:

> Rick Copeland wrote:
> > 
> > Johnny,
> > 
> > I would like to know how I could use a 386 netbsd box as a router between
> > the CSU/DSU (from a T1) and the web/email server which is a uVax3600.
> > Could you post directions?
> a 386 (even a DX/40) is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to slow to route a T1.  Get a
> 486DX2/66 or something.  I used to drag my 386DX/40 down with just a
> 33.6k modem w/ FreeBSD.

It all depends on what you expect. A dedicated 286 box will work just fine
as a router, with dedicated software.
A 386 will work just fine, it's just that it gets swamped easily, and then
it will throw away some data. Nobody will die because of it, and nothing
ought to break.
It's all a question of what performance you expect. If it is going to
route for a uVAX behind, than machine will hardly swamp very much


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