Subject: finally decided to jump in...
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Mike Andrews <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/07/1998 01:33:25
Well, after lurking for forever, I decided to be brave and finally install
NetBSD on my 3100/30.  Not very painful at all, other than stupidity on my
part (read: FreeBSD's rarpd doesn't like it when you make typos in your
DNS zone files)...

Couple of quick questions that a fast search through the archives couldn't
answer for me...

1) Anyone doing binary snapshots of -current?  I'd like to get some of the
new functionality (i.e. functional cache) without having to recompile the
whole OS on a machine that slow...  and updating just the kernel without
all the supporting utils (ps and friends) is a bit ugly.  Or maybe a
VAX cross-compiler for FreeBSD?

2) Does the Lance work with > 16MB systems yet?  I'm doing this diskless
for now, and 1.3.2 of course didn't fly with my 24 meg machine, until I
removed some memory... 

3) Anyone interested in a dysfunctional 3100/38 or 3100/76? The /38 seems
to have bad RAM on the motherboard, and the /76 crashes randomly at boot
with both NetBSD and VMS 6.2.  I haven't done a 'test 0' on them in a
while to verify their exact illnesses.  No disks, no color graphics, but
the /38 has SCSI (no MFM).  I'm looking for a functional /76 also.  I'm in
the south-midwest US if it matters. 

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