Subject: Re: NetBSD-current on KA650
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih+mail@Hamartun.Priv.NO>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/1998 21:34:44
"emanuel stiebler" <> writes:

> How many people are using a KA650 here ?

Me, for one.

> What problems exist ?

Works fine with -current as of 1998-06-13, as long as I don't use
UVM.  A kernel with "options UVM" in the config file hangs during the
"swapctl -a" command in /etc/rc, and crashes with a segfault in kernel
mode later on if I comment out the swapctl call.  Ragge's "netbsd.emu"
kernel, wich he recently made available on multivac, handles the call
to swapctl OK, but still crashes later in the boot process, with a
"ptelen" problem, the exact wording of which escapes my memory at the
moment.  I can make a detailed log if interesting.

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