Subject: Help with uVAX II.
To: <>
From: Greg Linder <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/01/1998 20:35:11
	I recently was able to get ahold of a speedy internet connection,
and have therefore downloaded the binary snapshots of NetBSD/VAX 1.3.2.
The machine that has these files is sitting down at a univeristy now,
awaiting me to bring it up here. Unfortunately, the machine that I want to
install BSD on is having some ethernet issues. I need this machines
Ethernet card, and its VMS, to make boot tapes so I can install NetBSD on
I have a DELQA, and when I power up the vax it just sits there and has all
three lights on the back of the card on. I have tried it with just the
processor, memory, RQDX3 and DELQA, and the VAX refuses to acknowledge the
existance of it. When I try it in my normal card order, that worked fine
before, that machine never even boots up enough to test it.
	My question: does anyone have any idea what the lights mean on the
back of the DELQA? Is there a faq around that covers what these lights
mean for other Q-bus cards? Can anyone point me to a place to get a
functional Q-bus Ethernet card that will work with VMS so I can use this
machine to make tapes?

		Greg Linder