Subject: Viking SCSI controller questions
From: Roger Ivie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1998 17:03:44
I finally seem to be up, after dealing with another dead tape drive and
VT220 that lost its horizontal sync.

My configuration at the moment is a MicroVAX II in a BA23 with a TK50 and a
Viking SCSI controller to which a Fujitsu 600MB disk is attached. At home I
have a world box and a few more old SCSI disks that folks have given me
because full-height 5.25" drives have gone out of fashion, so I'll be moving
into that box and attempting to hook up a bunch of SCSI drives to the

Since I've picked up these SCSI controllers surplus, I don't know a whole
lot about them. And, of course, I don't have manuals.

I know the Viking can do either disk or tape (I pulled an old SCSI tape
controller out of another MicroVAX II and, amazingly, it was another Viking
controller). Can it do both simultaneously? I.e., can I hook my QIC drive
to the same SCSI controller as I have the disks connected to? Given that the
Viking with a single disk shows up as DUB0:, would a tape connected to it
show up as MUB0:, therefore avoiding conflict with my TK50?

The Viking I'm using for disks is jumpered to be DUB0:. I'd like to hook up
an RQDX3 with an RX33 for making floppies for my MV2K, but I suspect that
once I hook up the RQDX3 (jumpered to be the first controller) the RX33 will
suddenly become ra0 and the disk I'm booting from will become (I presume)
ra1. True? If so, what are the jumper settings for both the Viking and the
RQDX3 to move them around? I guess I'd need to know how to move the TK50,
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