Subject: Re: Network booting VAXstation
To: Jamie Lovick <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1998 15:09:48
On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Jamie Lovick wrote:

> Oh well, I now have 6 VAXstation 4000 VLC's, and a VAXstation 3100/M38.
> Are the M38's supported ?, I think it has a KA42 (?) CPU from memory.

The VS3100/M38 is supported as far as netbooting NetBSD/vax goes, but
you'll be limited to using either a serial console when booting NetBSD
1.3.2 kernels, or in the current kernels there is support for the on-board
monochrome graphics hardware but only in the capacity of a text console.
An Xserver for the system is not yet supported.

One thing you might try for the VS3100 is obtaining the MOPable software
image for DEC's VT1300.  The VT1300 is just a stripped down VS3100, so
using the VT1300 software should in theory run fine on the VS3100.

Actually, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a copy of the VT1300 MOP
image myself. :-) 

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