Subject: Re: VS2K questions, SCSI floppy info
From: Roger Ivie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/26/1998 09:52:11
Allison wrote:
> The floppy plugs in to the internal cable and the SCSI hard disk is not 
> bootable and will require you to write a drive for it.

Yes, I'm aware of that; that's why I'm attaching a floppy to the thing.
The theory is to load the bootloader from floppy and tell the bootloader
to fetch the kernel from SCSI. The port-vax web page says SCSI is supported
on the MV2000 by NetBSD and the sources for the bootloader sure _look_
like _it_ knows about the SCSI.

> A MFM hard disk rd53 or 5d54(159mb) can be put inside a MV2000 and if you 
> have the second box and cables it will support two MFM hard disks.

Yes, I'm aware of that as well. What I _want_ is a floppy for booting and
a SCSI hard disk in the box. This yields a nice luggable VAX.

> It knows RX50 and RX33 but not rx23/24(3.5") though electically they can 
> be plugged in.

Yeah, I know that, too. that's why I hacked rawrite to treat a 1.44MB
diskette as if it where a 1.2MB; the theory being that, since the firmware
on the MV2000 doesn't know about RX23s, it'll treat an RX23 as if it were
an RX33. I was just hoping that I wasn't heading off into uncharted waters.

Roger Ivie