Subject: Re: bitch bitch bitch was RE: KA6x0 support
To: James Robinson <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/23/1998 22:37:30
On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, James Robinson wrote:

> As for the Install. Does NetBSD have TCL/TK compiled for it? Also What type
> of automated install is everyone looking for. IE (A tk50 that you boot and
> it does everythig for you.)
> What types of CD-ROM formats does NetBSD support? What About a bootable

	NetBSD does have tcl/tk in the pkacages collection
	though install media may be a little tight (plus swap may not
	be available).

	Most porrts are looking towards sysinst, booted in a kernel with
	built in ramdisk, or miniroot.

	If you have a PC around you should try booting a NetBSD 1.3.2
	boot floppy to see the interface (you can easily bail before it
	actually starts doing anything :)

	NetBSD support iso9660 with rockridge extensions - if the hardware
	can boot a CD you should be able to put the boot program in
	the appropriate place then make it load everything else from the
	rest of the CD in '9660 format


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