Subject: Re: soko, plonk, and history
To: None <>
From: Andrew Sporner <asporner@Mcs.Net>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/22/1998 12:41:56
> I know you are a MAJOR contributor to stuff Vaxen and VMS'n!  I don't
> know if you have followed all of Soko's diatribes, soliliques, and
> rantings.  Sometimes I think he is trying to be like a historical figure
> from the comp.sys.dec and comp.os.vms groups.  He just does not have the
> class or the vocabulary.

I think that might be overstated (my contributions), but I appreciate the
complement just the same.  Realistically, I have been here for a while and
probably asked a lot of good questions, but my bandwidth for doing actual
hacking in this sector has been very limited.  I am dying for enough time
to load up 1.3.x on my 3500.  Just need to find either a good TK50 (those
heads are crap!) or get brave enough to figure out how to netboot.

> Enjoy the soko-isms that might follow!
> bad bob

I think that this might be done.  I sort of feel for the guy in a very
limited degree when I can prevent myself from thinking about all of the
loud arogance.  Perhaps this might be a cultural thing, he may not actually
know how is delivery is coming across. Now that I have completed my 
stretching activities, I think I will conclude.

REAL QUESTION:  When is the next snapshot going to be loaded and is there
any forseen problems with a KA-650 CPU?  I will start paying more attention
to the stuff now that the noise should be lower

Thanks again

Andy Sporner