Subject: VS3100 clock and console weirdness
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marc.Gutschner <marc@Frankfurt.NetSurf.DE>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1998 22:36:26
Hi !

I've been following port-vax for about two years now (since I got my VS2K) 
and really appreciate all the work that has been done over the time.  If I
had the resources I would invite all of you for a drink or two ;-)  

First of all I must say that the current kernel runs very reliable on the
VS2K and VS3100/M38 (at least). 

Since yesterday I also have a rather well equipped VS3100/M38 (dual SCSI,
2 RZ23, 32 Megs) in my collection. I've so far been able to boot it up and
all goes very well up to the point where it says 'setting tty flags'. 
After the 'ttyflags -a' the console keyboard goes crazy and can only be
restored to normal operation by powercycling the machine. Another thing I
noticed was some new breed of the RTC illness. If I try to set the date
with 'date 980621' e.g. the date ends up beeing somewhere beyond the year
2000.  Has anyone else experienced this ? 

Yet, one or two more questions concerning the current standing (I've
finally found the courage to post, so I will try your patience :-)) 
Some time ago I've read something about problems with netbooting and more
than 16 MB RAM. Have these problems been sorted out ? I've ripped the
additional 16 Megs from the machine to be safe. I would love to put them
back in.

Another question that Ragge may be able to answer. I have just SUPped the
current kernel but the 'config' utility seems to create an incomplete
Makefile. During the link phase it complains about unresolved symbols.
I've 'grep'ed around a little bit and came up with 'netinet/if_arp.c' as
beeing the culprit. When I patch the Makefile, the kernel builds just fine
but will have massive problems finding it's root device :-( From the looks
of it I get the impression that the IP addresses of the Client and the
NFS-Server get mangled somewhere.

Now I have some questions to the hardware-gurus around.

Is it true that I can plug a standard 3 1/2" floppy drive into this funny
SCSI-to-floppy device in the 3100 to get an RX23 ? I also have an RZ55
that is currently hanging off my PeeCee. I would love to hook it up to
the 3100. Is this supported ? I've already connected that beast to the VS
but it doesn't even start-up. I understand that the RZ55 is one of those
units that needs a 'wake-up call' from the host spin-up. But it doesn't
seem to reply during POST, so the VAX never sees it :-(. On my PeeCee it
runs quite well using a NCR53c810.

BTW - this adapter thingy is really the funniest part about the whole
machine. Is this board a "true" removable media SCSI device ? If yes, has
anyone with a desire for adventure ever tried to connect the complete
board-and-drive assembly to something else than a VAXstation ?
I also have two currently unused 5 1/4" floppy drives (one Mitsumi, one
Mitsubishi) that I would love to put on the VS2K. Unfortunately I've so
far been unable to dig up jumper settings for them. If anyone knows if it
may be possible to "convert" any of these to an RX33 I would be very
grateful. The label on these drives say, the Mitsubishi is an MF504C-312M
and the Mitsumi is a D509-V3. The Mitsubishi looks rather promising
because it has quite a "forest" of jumpers on it :-)

Phwee, I think that's all (at least for the moment :-))

MTIA for any (useful) responses