Subject: The c8's of death...
To: Paul Apprich <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1998 07:30:27
Paul Apprich writes:
> 	After following Max Entropy's instructions for setting up bootable
> RZ24's on a VS3100-M76, I still get those c8's and timeout in sc_receive.
> I tried the 1.2G and all of the variants of the 1.3 kernel. I tried using
> the rom()/netbsd argument at the boot prompt and it gave me a 84 BOOT FAIL
> message. Could this be a problem in either the bootblocks or the boot
> program? Once netbooted, the DMA scsi kernels work fine. :(

Still the only way to boot from SCSI-disk is to boot via ">>> b/3 dk???"
(or similiar boot-flags) and enter "rom()/netbsd" at the Nboot-prompt. 

The "c8" are stemming from the non-working standalone SCSI-driver in
/boot which has nothing to do with the kernel's SCSI-driver. Whenever
you see messages like "sc_receive" at this stage, you're using this
faulty driver and thus lost.


PS: Which SCSI-id and which SCSI-channel are you trying to boot from?
    Which bootflags are you using at the Chevron-Prompt? [ie. ">>> b/3"]