Subject: VAXen available! (Fremont, CA, USA)
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Seth J. Morabito <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/19/1998 18:25:12
Hello folks,

Well, I hate to do this, but I've got to give up some of my VAXen to
make way for other stuff (don't worry -- I'm keeping a VAXstation 3100,
so I can still run NetBSD!)

Anyway, I would like to let them go to the port-vax group, maybe they
can help some development along!  I would like to get $150.00 total for
the whole bunch if I can, since that's exactly what I paid for it and it
would be nice to get it back :)  (Look at it this way:  An empty BA213
box ALONE is worth more than that).  Yes, all of this stuff works (except
for one RD53), and I've been using it, both with VMS and with NetBSD.


** The following equipment is available in Fremont, CA, USA (part of
** the San Francisco Bay Area).  Note:  It is impossible for me to
** ship any of this stuff, so I'll have to ask that if you want to
** buy it, you come pick it up.

1) MicroVAX 3800 in BA213 box (QBus), with the following cards:
   KA655-AA CPU; two MS650-BA 16MB ECC memory boards (total of 32MB);
   DESQA-SA Ethernet; CXY08-M 8-line Async MUX board; TQK70 tape
   controller; KFQSA-SA DSSI adaptor.

   Disks: [Installed] Two RF72 1GB DSSI drives, One RF71 400MB DSSI.
          [Spare] Three RF71 400MB DSSI drives.

   Tape: TK-70 tape drive, plus 4 TK70 tapes.  One of the TK70
         tapes includes complete distributions of VAX-VMS 5.5
         and 6.2.  You can use these if you have a DECUS hobbyist

   This thing is HEAVY! :)

2) VAXStation 2000, standard graphics, with 10MB memory.

   [Note, all the disks unfortunately have bad blocks to some degree,
    though they're fine for any OS with bad block management, or
    if you wanted to impliment bad block management for NetBSD (hint
    hint :) ]

    Disks:   Internal RD53, plus two external RD53's in expansion cases.
             One of the externals has a LARGE number of bad blocks --
             it may still be useful for something, possibly parts?

    Tape:    TK50Z-FA 95MB, in external expansion case, with around 20 
             TK50 tapes.

    Monitor: DEC VR260 mono 19" monitor, clear and crisp and bright.

    Bonus cable: Homemade 9-pin console serial cable, for NetBSD :)

3) Bonus monitor! DEC VR299 color display, just a tad too fuzzy for me,
   but that's because I've been spoiled by trinitron tubes.

4) Bonus board! GPX 8-plan graphics board for VAXStation 3100. 
   (JUST the card).

Whew, that's alotta stuff.  I'd INFINITELY prefer it to go all in one
bunch, but if you just want the MV3800 or just the VS2000, let me know
and perhaps we can work something out.  And I can definitely let the
GPX board and the VR299 monitor go separately.

Contact me by email at:

(Sorry non-Bay-Area people!  I really, really wish I could afford to
ship it all to Sweden for Regge, but just schlepping it all down to the
post office would probably kill me :)

-Seth Morabito
"It looks just like a Telefunken U47!              Seth J. Morabito
 You'll love it."  - Frank Zappa