Subject: Re: KA6x0 support
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/18/1998 23:54:47
In article <9806182126.AA04475@blackwidow.SOML.CWRU.Edu>,
Michael Sokolov <> wrote:
>    Mr./Ms. Sarna, have you ever actually looked at the arch/vax subtree of

That's Mr.

> the NetBSD kernel source? Until you do examine these sources (I mean

Excuse me? Have you ever looked *outside* it?

> examine intelligently, with a decent degree of VAX hardware knowledge, not
> just stare at the C code through the eyes of an i386er) this discussion is

Excuse me? i386er? I run NetBSD on some pc boxes now, but I've been
using NetBSD since late 0.8 or so, and it wasn't until after 1.1 that I
even booted it up on a i386.

Don't call me a "new hardware' bigot, either.  I'm not running any
VAXen, but I do have a production machine (and still a fairly important
one at that) with a manufacture date that's almost a decade old. 

> pointless.  Sure, NetBSD's config mechanism can do miracles, but the uVAX

[massive backpedal snipped]

Yes, there are deficiencies in the VAX port. Duh. You were claiming
here, and in previous messages months back, that NetBSDs config
mechanism was broken. Not NetBSD/vax's use thereof, but NetBSD MI
config. You said quite pointedly that New Config (which you don't know
anything about, obviously, other than that it isn't as familiar to you
as Old Config) was a crock.

> > You go around badmouthing NetBSD here and on other lists [...]
>    I am NOT badmouthing NetBSD. It is true that it is not my OS of choice,

Excuse me? I can probably dig up a copy of a message from you to
lynx-dev where you described NetBSD as "amazingly bad", or words to that
effect. I don't recall wether that was qualified as NetBSD/vax or not,
but it was unfair nonetheless.

> but this is a technical discussion list about NetBSD/vax, not about choices
> and preferences, so I keep mine to myself and believe that everyone here is

Excuse me? You keep your preferences to yourself? Since when???

> everyone's benefit if I say the truth, rather than a sweet lie that would

Excuse me? You don't even know what the truth is.

> technical perspective there is no real difference which one to use as the
> base. I have chosen 4.3BSD-* simply because it suits my personal
> the first place. Oh, and since my work will be 100% my own, it will be
> totally free.

Excuse me? If it's based on 4.3BSD, how is it 100% your own?

I de-plonked you when I saw you had decided to contribute something
other than additude and an truly astoundingly high opinion of youself. 
Apparently I was wrong. 

NetBSD people are willing to tolerate a lot from people who have
something to contribute.  There are definately people who wouldn't win a
Mr. Congeniality award, but who have contributed large volumes of high
quality code, so most people are willing to accomodate them. 

You're giving us orders of magnitude more attitude, and expect us to put
up with that for what? *Three* lines of code?

I don't think so.