Subject: Re: uV SCSI/ DMA-Incomplete messages
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/17/1998 19:20:58
>From: (Michael Sokolov)
>   maximum entropy <> wrote:
>> Fair enough, but could you make a source patch available with your
>> modifications, so others will have something to work with?
>   I will do this when/if all port-vax members take all of my addresses,
>current or old, out of their foolish scripts and start reading my postings
>just as seriously as those by other VAX hardware people on this list
>(Allison, Tim, Antonio, who else have I missed?)

I can't speak for anyone else, or make anyone take your address out of
any lists.  I think I've taken you quite seriously for the entirety of
this discussion, up until this point.

>   Some side comments. As far as I remember, a lot of people on this list
>were unhappy with my VAX hardware discussions, accusing me of "rubbing the
>pumpkin and seeing a pie inside" and things like that. It's true that I
>make outlandish claims and derive most of my VAX hardware knowledge from
>logical reasoning and imagination, rather than from technical manuals which
>I don't have. It's certainly true that my methods are very unconventional.
>What I hope you will eventually realize, however, is that my unconventional
>methods are precisely what has allowed me to fix the KA42/41 SCSI problem
>by changing 3 lines of code while everyone else on this list was sitting
>back and waiting for Ragge to perform a miracle (and while Ragge himself
>was conveniently avoiding the issue by removing the SCSI code altogether).
>Exactly the same applies to all other work that I will do for Berkeley
>UNIX(R), which you will be more than welcome to port to NetBSD.

I beg your pardon?  I have spent at least 50 hours attempting to debug
the SCSI problems on VS3100M30's.  The results of that debugging time
was my discovery of the temporary PIO workaround.  Admittedly it would
have been much nicer if I could have found a real fix, but I certainly
wasn't sitting around on my ass waiting for someone else to do the
work for me.  As a direct consequence of my efforts, more than a few
people have been able to use their SCSI disks on their 3100's.

If you want to share your code, then please do so.  Maybe you'll gain
some respect on this list by doing so.  You certainly won't gain any
respect by finding a (partial) fix and refusing to share it because
some people on the list don't like you.

entropy -- it's not just a good idea, it's the second law.