Subject: Re: SCSI Disks on VS3100/M76
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Sokolov <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/17/1998 19:02:26
Bryan A. Ignatow <> wrote:
> The disks show up, but the big question is what next.

See below.

> I will have to go home to see the exact error, but I believe it told me the
> disk was not labeled when I tried to newfs it.

Please do. My experience has been that when there is no label, the thing thinks
that you have partition c covering the entire disk and no other partitions.
This way the thing will barf at you if you try to newfs(8) partition a or
something like that, but newfs(8)'ing partition c should work.

Oh, and apparently raw devices don't work (cause a kernel panic), so you have
to use the block device even for things like newfs(8) and fsck(8) where you
would normally use the raw device. That is, if you are using a GENERIC kernel
and your disk is either the only one or the one with the lowest SCSI ID on the
primary SCSI bus, you would do:

newfs /dev/sd0c

It also seems to me that the broken raw devices are the reason why disklabel(8)
doesn't work.

> I also did not have a
> disktab entry (default partitioning information) for the RZ24.

I also didn't and never needed it. (OK, it was an RZ23, not an RZ24, but you
get the idea.)

> I hate to be dense, but could someone send me step-by-step instructions to
> get from a freshly formatted disk on a netbooted VS3100/M76 to the newfs
> stage?

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