Subject: Re: SCSI Disks on VS3100/M76
To: Michael Sokolov <msokolov@blackwidow.SOML.CWRU.Edu>
From: Bryan A. Ignatow <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/17/1998 16:40:35

At 17:27 6/17/98 -0400, Michael Sokolov wrote:
>Bryan A. Ignatow <> wrote:
>> Ok... from all that I have read I should be able to use the SCSI disks on
>> my VS3100/M76 using the stock 1.3 #1 kernel.
>Worked for me. (This was one of the steps I had to go through to create the
>kernel I'm making available.) YMMV.

The disks show up, but the big question is what next.

>> The question I have is "how do I get them to work?".  I tried to play with
>> disklabel and some other seemingly related items but have had no luck.
>> Does someone have a set of steps that will get the disks labeled, boot
>> block placed on disk, and such so that I can run newfs and get the system
>> booting from them?
>What I did was to newfs(8) partition c, mount it, put everything there
>(including the booter and the kernel), and reboot from it. Again YMMV.
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I will have to go home to see the exact error, but I believe it told me the
disk was not labeled when I tried to newfs it.  I also did not have a
disktab entry (default partitioning information) for the RZ24.

I hate to be dense, but could someone send me step-by-step instructions to
get from a freshly formatted disk on a netbooted VS3100/M76 to the newfs
stage?  I'm pretty familiar with Ultrix, SunOS, Solaris, and IRIX, but
every O/S has its little quirks and differences and I haven't quite figured
out all of those for NetBSD.


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