Subject: Re: uV SCSI/ DMA-Incomplete messages
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/17/1998 16:16:46
>Date: Wed, 17 Jun 98 14:37:02 -0400
>From: (Michael Sokolov)
>Sender: port-vax-owner@NetBSD.ORG
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>Delivered-To: port-vax@NetBSD.ORG
>   Since this is really NetBSD-specific, you guys will have to do this
>yourselves. As I've said all along, NetBSD is not my primary OS of choice
>and I can contribute to it only as time permits. Since I am working on
>another VAX OS, I have to gather a lot of VAX hardware knowledge, and if by
>some chance this knowledge happens to be useful to NetBSD, I am more than
>happy to let you guys make use of it. In this case my general (NOT NetBSD-
>specific) VAX hardware knowledge was enough for me to spot an obvious (to
>me) bug in NetBSD and fix it. I did not need to understand the inner
>workings of NetBSD in any detail in order to do this. Implementing Daniel's
>suggestion would require knowing these inner workings, and, sorry, given
>the work I have to do for the University and the very tough deadlines I
>have to face I cannot spend any time learning them.

Fair enough, but could you make a source patch available with your
modifications, so others will have something to work with?  All I see
in is a binary


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