Subject: Re: Y2K
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From: Geoff Roberts <>
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Date: 06/17/1998 12:23:16
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Date: Wednesday, 17 June 1998 11:26
Subject: Re: Y2K

>On Tue, 16 Jun 1998 wrote:
>>      Is the MicroVax 3100-40 year 2000 compliant
>Since i'm stupid and started looking, the answer can be found in
>VAX Systems:
>All VAX systems are Year 2000 Ready except those that have a dedicated
>PRO380 or PDP-11 front-end console system.
>The PRO380 console system is found on the VAX 8500 and 8700 series, and
>the VAX 8800, 8810 and 8820-N models. A single chip PDP-11 processor is
>used as the console front-end on the VAX 8600 series.
>The PRO380 operating system uses only 2-digit years, and will show the
>Year 2000 as "00". There are no plans to modify the PRO380 code to be Year
>2000 Ready.

That'd be right.

>Note: this only affects the console front-end processor, and the dates of
>files stored on its disk. For example, after the turn of the century,
>searching for files on the PRO380 or PDP-11 console systems using "before"
>and "since" syntax may yield unexpected results.

Could be interesting. :^)

>The attached VAX system is Year 2000 Ready provided that the system-level
date and time is set and
>reset using OpenVMS commands.

Thanks for that, I am in the process of resurrecting an 8530 system at the
moment, and I noticed when I was tinkering with the console last week that
it only accepts 2 year dates.  The P/OS2 install process in fact, seems only
to accept dates in the 88-99 range.  The RD52 is dead, so I am looking for a
replacement at the moment.  I tried a generic MFM drive, but it barfed part
way through the init/format process.  I am impeded by not having any docs to
speak of on the Pro380 or the 8530 hardware, or the P/OS2 operating system
the 380 uses. Particularly, a list of the error codes the PRO380 generates
during POST would be of enormous help,  and the codes P/OS2 uses to describe
failures would also be of interest.

SID | X | Id      | Speed  |  Bus     | Model Name                      |
  06 | -  | 8NN | 4/6        | BI,CI     | VAX 8530, 8550                 |

At the moment it's VMS 6.0, and no compiler.  (Unless you count COBOL.) and
the (now) freeware BLISS compiler.

(This is yet another Vax I want NetBSD on!) I heard a rumour there was
already a U*ix flavour that would work on it but I have not been able to
confirm this. (No, I DON'T mean Ultrix. - (shudder))

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