Subject: Dumb question time...
To: <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1998 16:59:10
     What is an Ethernet driver supposed to do with a bad received packet? 
     Drop it on the floor? Pass it along anyway? Return 0? -1? the number 
     of bytes it got? I've identified the source of some decided flakiness: 
     my network is far from idle, and my code doesn't do anything 
     explicitly with bad received packets (ones with error flags set in the 
     packet's receive descriptor), which is probably the Wrong Thing.
     While I'm asking dumb questions, is it supposed to be legal to run 
     bootparamd on one machine and NFS-mount the root/swap from another? 
     The boot code doesn't handle this case correctly - it doesn't go 
     through portmap on the NFS server to get anywhere; only the portmapper 
     on the bootparamd server. (Then again, that's the observed behavior, 
     and my flakiness may cause other problems.)