Subject: Re: KA650 troubles.
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih+mail@Hamartun.Priv.NO>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/12/1998 21:52:00
Anders Magnusson <> writes:

> Some people have complained lately about troubles with KA650 and new
> kernels. I just upgraded my 3900 to the latest kernel and userland,
> and I didn't encounter any problem with the new kernel; at least it
> is still running.

Mine still won't.

> BUT: If you're upgrading an existing system, be sure that you also
> change the /boot program! If you have a pre-march-98 boot program
> you must exchange it to a newer one, otherwise the kernel will
> overwrite it when loading.  A fresh boot program (and kernel) can be
> found at

I didn't have a that old boot program, but I've now tried with the
boot program and kernel from multivac, both dated June 11th, and the
problem is still as described to you in email previously: the system
hangs during boot at the invocation of 'swapctl' from /etc/rc.

If I comment out the 'swapctl' call, everything goes well until the
boot process tells me it's started the portmapper, at which time I get
a 'Segv in kernel mode', which may or may not be due to being out of
virtual memory.  (Probably not, though, since I have 16MB of RAM.)

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