Subject: Re: TK50 SCSI controller [was: VS2000 PS quirk?]
To: Varga Akos Endre <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/11/1998 09:35:28
On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Varga Akos Endre wrote:

> Hm, the RQDX2 is old, can you get hold of an RQDX3 at least?

Possibly... perhaps somebody on this list has one hanging around.  :)

> Anyway, the right order in a BA123 is:
>  (         KA630        ) 
>  (         MS630        )
>  (grant card)
>  (  DEQNA   )
>  (         DHV11        )
>  (  TQK50   )(grant card)
>  (         RQDX2        )
> The empty C-D slots in row 3 and [4] don't need a grant card 

I'm still getting SCBINTs.  :P

Just curious, but why does DEQNA come before the DHV11?  It generates more

> Hm, and the CSR for the cards:
>  DEQNA 17774440
>  TQK50 17774500
>  RQDX2 17772150
> you have the manuals for the cards to see if they're set this
> way (first units of their type on the bus)?

These are all set as above, and the DHV11 is at 17760440, interrupt 300.

Jumper W2 (the sanity timer) on the DEQNA is removed.

What a crochety machine.  :)  There's got to be something simple I'm

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