Subject: Re: "WARNINGS" appearing in development kernels.
To: David Burrows <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/08/1998 09:59:00
> Lets do it.. I noticed theres a NetBSD 1.32 out but no sign of vax
> anywhere..  Maybe it is a bit premature though.  Is Ragge going to give
> the green light when the VS3100 is "officially" supported or what?  Seems
> to work great here, apart from having to netboot because there's no SCSI
> support.
1.3.2 is only patches/bugfixes on 1.3; no new features. And there is a
1.3.2 for vax available :-)
SCSI support will come up, but I don't have any timeplan for that yet.
I will be quite busy the coming week, and ten I will leave Lule} for a

About new binaries; I started compiling the system with UVM yesterday and
am just waiting for it to be finished. Then I will upload a snapshot
of a system with UVM-compiled userland.

-- Ragge