Subject: Re: Serial Console on 3100 (was 3100Z)
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/04/1998 23:29:25
>From: Brian D Chase <>
>> > > 9600 8N1 is correct.  If you've got a VAXstation 3100, have you set the
>> > > dip switch next to the MMJ serial ports in the "up" position?
>> > 
>> > Well, that's where things start to deviate from the docs.  There are no
>> > dip switches on mine.  The only switch at all on the back (other than power)
>> > is the one to switch from the 10Base2 to AUI connection . . .
>> pop it open, take out the drive carrier, take a look at the
>> motherboard... in the back there is a toggle "dip switch"...  in my
>> experience it should be "up" for serial console to work correctly.
>Helpful hint:  I suggest using a loop of thin wire to hook around the
>switch and pull it to the up position with that.  You can spare yourself
>the trouble of completely disassembling the system to access the switch.

Second helpful hint: you don't even have to open the machine at all,
there's enough "give" in the case material to pry it out a bit with a
screwdriver and stick a pin underneath to move the switch up.  Most of
my 3100's have external access to the switch, but the one that
doesn't, I did this way.  Not as elegant, but a hell of a lot
faster...  :-)

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