Subject: Re:Serial Console on 3100Z
To: S. Ryan Quick <>
From: Bernhard H. Buckel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/04/1998 09:24:58

 On Wed, June 3 1998, S. Ryan Quick wrote:

 > Ok everybody,
 > I finally managed to get ahold of some DEC MMJ cables (well I got the die
 > for my crimping tool anyway) but I must say I'm having a bit of trouble

Lucky you! I searched hi and lo without success....

 > with the exact settings for communications for the serial console.
 > The docs I've been able to find point to 9600 8N1 but I've mangled every

Hmmm... You should settle for 9k6 7E1 IIRC. Took me some time to find
out, though :-) ...

 > combination of baud and rates to no avail.  At most, I can get a series
 > of dots on screen whenever the VAX boots or when NetBSD netboots and checks
 > the ports.  Otherwise, nada.
 > I'm using minicom and a Cyclades multiport serial board on Linux for the
 > console server . . .
 > Any help?

This should do the job :-)


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