Subject: Re: Serial Console on 3100Z
To: S. Ryan Quick <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1998 23:05:06
On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, S. Ryan Quick wrote:

> I finally managed to get ahold of some DEC MMJ cables (well I got the die
> for my crimping tool anyway) but I must say I'm having a bit of trouble
> with the exact settings for communications for the serial console.

FYI, standard 4 or 6 wire phone cables work fine as replacements for
MMJ<->MMJ cables, at least as long as you hack off the plastic latches. 

But first off, what you you mean by a 3100Z?   What type of system are you
working with, a VAXstation 3100 or MicroVAX 3100?

> The docs I've been able to find point to 9600 8N1 but I've mangled every
> combination of baud and rates to no avail.  At most, I can get a series
> of dots on screen whenever the VAX boots or when NetBSD netboots and checks
> the ports.  Otherwise, nada.

9600 8N1 is correct.  If you've got a VAXstation 3100, have you set the
dip switch next to the MMJ serial ports in the "up" position?

> I'm using minicom and a Cyclades multiport serial board on Linux for the
> console server . . . 

That should be fine.

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