Subject: DEQNA probs, was Re: TK50 SCSI controller [was: VS2000 PS quirk?]
To: Aaron J. Grier <>
From: Varga Akos Endre <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1998 09:17:46

> > Are the cards seated in the right order? What cards are in the backplane?
> 1: KA630
> 2: MS630-BA (4MB memory board)
> 3: M9047 (grant continuity) / nothing
> 4: M3104 (8 port serial)

Hm, a DHV11... it's a quad, right? I think it's okay to have it before the
other cards, but I don't know if it's in the right place in the 4th
slot of a BA123... I would take this out and have the DEQNA, the TQK and 
the RQDX in the 5th and 6th slot, and a grant card in the 4th... I had
some problems with the position of the DHV11 in one of my machines.
Anyway, I don't have my 630QB-whatever manual handy, so I might be wrong
:) (like if the DHV11 doesn't use the 3rd and 4th "fingers", which is a 
C-D interconnect in the BA123 backplane's 4th slot I think...) 
Was the machine configured like this originally? 

> 5: DEQNA / TQK50
> 6: M8639 (RQDX3?)

I don't think it's an RQDX3, it's a RQDX1 (RXDX?) or RQDX2

> The same thing happens when I put the DEQNA in the top of slot 3 and yank
> everything else except the CPU and memory...  Same thing if I stick it in
> slot 4, with a grant in slot 3.

Yes, it seems to  be broken... hm... I gotta hav a coffee, I'm unusable
this morning... :)

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