Subject: Re: MicroVAX I kernel..
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1998 07:06:40
> <Duh? What do you mean "didn't" support SCSI? Since when did support for 
> <specific disk technology get included in the CPU?
> Int eh specific sense that unless the device fakes a know device like
> a CMD200 scsi adaptor to name one the boot roms may not be useable.

Well, boot roms could be an issue, yes... But since just about every
SCSI-controller I've ever heard of emulates MSCP, chances are it might
boot from it too.

> Of course putting more than 4mb is impossible and all the other goodies 
> will likely melt the PS (or atleast the connector cable if it wasn't 
> refitted).  Persuing getting it running is purely for historical reasons
> if only becuase it was so slow you will be history waiting for results.
> I know I ran one for a while it was slow compared to a 730!

:-) I've used one too, it even was a VAXstation I. And I even tried FLIGHT
on it (yes, it was running VMS). However, the resolution was different
from the VS-II, so it was a bit of a drag. But it worked.

However, it was slow, yes... :-)


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