Subject: Re: SGI ethernet device question.
To: Brian D Chase <>
From: Brian Murray <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/03/1998 11:30:09
On Jan 10, 17:15, Brian D Chase wrote an email which was subsequently
buried in a storm of nonsense proliferated by a certain "M. S." (an
unfortunate set of initials), only to be unearthed after an extensive
archaeological dig :
> Yes this is relevant to the NetBSD/VAX port.  A couple months ago I was
> working on netbooting from SGIs.  Everything worked great with the
> exception of getting the MOP server to behave properly on the SGI.  The
> problem I was running into was in getting the ec0 ethernet device on the
> Indigo^2 and O2 platforms to operate in promiscuous mode.
> The searched the SGI man pages and on-line manuals looking for anything
> about configing the ethernet device to behave properly, but I just
> couldn't find anything.

Perhaps you have already solved this one months ago, but ...

Do a "man 7 raw" - you can create two types of raw sockets, a "snoop"
socket which captures data-link frames with optional filtering (hence
puts the interface into promiscuous mode), and "drain" which allows
capture of frames for protocols that the kernel doesn't support.
The latter is typically used to create things like user-level Appletalk
drivers, it should allow you to capture ethernet frames of type "MOPD"
for example. I believe you can also transmit raw ethernet frames using
either type of socket.

P.S. I'm running IRIX 6.2 and 6.3, and my simple hacked-together packet
sniffer based on a snoop socket works fine on either OS.


Brian Murray      Proximity Pty Ltd