Subject: Re: Your herd.
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/02/1998 11:01:27
My standard of reference is a pile of sysems all running...  I have a
few retirees in storage like an Altair8800.

Active system list:

PDP-8 and friends
DECMATE-III (6120 chip=PDP-8) running OS/278  For PDP-8 work, PALIII asm.

Pro350     (pdp11) (Venix) 
PDP11/23   (BA11/VA) RT-11 in a shoebox
PDP-11/23B (ba11n)  Various disks (RT-11)  (PDP-11 work asm, DECUS C)
PDP11/73   (ba11/s) various disks (RT-11, RSTS, unix V7)

Piper::  VS3100m76 VMS5.4 (fastest)
Cessna:: VS2000   VMS5.4 (modem server, serial lines)
Maule::  VS2000   VMS5.4 (cause I have it, they are very small)
Airpln:: MicroVAX-II in a ba23 box VMS5.4 (holds tk50 tape for net backup)
Beech::  VAXserver3100 VMS5.4 (has tlz30 and tlz04 tapes)
VIDSYS:: Microvax-II in larger ba123 box VMS5.4 (used for trying different
         configs or when lots of terminal IO is needed.
VIXEN    VS2000 with Ultrix4.2 very cramped disk.

this 486dx2/50 8mb 528mb eithernet dos/win3.1, decnet/pathworks to vaxen
386DX/33 linux 8mb, 240mb disk, eithernet and old sony CDrom
386sx/25 DOS, 80mb, 60mb two floppies, headless runs intersvr as disk
         server to any other dos box it's plugged into using parallel 
         to parallel cable.
386sx16  8mb, 170mb ide, eithernet  Minix 2.0 32bit and very fast.
PS2/50z  in process, runs dos off floppy to dos server box.  minix future
XT       nominal dos dog with mono herc video, 40meg hd and 360k floppy,
         future MINIX 16bit

CP/M machines(all z80 or z80 derived):
Northstar horizon S100 z80/10mhz  70mb HD (CPM) eprom blaster, compilers
CCS S100 10mb 8" hard disk, 8" floppies (cpm) 
AmproLB SBC 45mb SCSI (CPM)  general use for compiling and assemblers
SB180 (Z180) SBC 20mb SCSI (CPM)
Kaypro (z80) (CPM) (accounting packages and sorta portable, text work)
Visual1050 SCSI 10mb hd (CPM-3) (new to the collection runs GSX graphics)
Epson PX-8 laptop  CPM, real portable, runs 12-16 hours on battery.