Subject: Re: Your herd.
To: Jerome Tonneson <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/02/1998 04:11:09
On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Jerome Tonneson wrote:

> Hey Brian, it sounds like you've got quite the herd of VAXen.  Would you have
> time to explain what all you have running? (and maybe stuff that's not running
> yet?)  Some pictures on the Planet Vax web page would be nice, but who has
> time to do that when you're busy writing code and bringing new machines
> on-line, eh? :-)

Oh, it's not that extensive or exotic of a collection.  Basically I've got
a VAXstation 2000, a VAXstation 3100/M30, a VAXstation 3100/M38, a
VAXstation 3100/M76, a MicroVAX II in BA123, and a KA650 in a MicroVAX
3900 BA213 (which I think makes it actually a MicroVAX 3600?)  I do also
have a rather unusual Tempest spec VAXstation 3100/RF.  It's basically a
straight VS3100/M30 in a special case with specially isolated external
connectors to eliminate any EMF emissions.  The case even has a fiber
optic ethernet transceiver built into it.  It's my Cold War nostalgia
piece.  Now all I need is one of those Hungarian VAX clones :-)

Then I've got two additional VS2000's but those are in the process of
being cleaned up for use by other people I know who have shown interest in
running NetBSD/vax.  If only the compiler would behave in a 6Meg
configuration on the VS2000. 

Everything I have is supported to some extent.  I should probably look
into getting something like an 11/730 or some of the newer systems which
aren't yet supported.  If I'm going to put these machines on-line, I want
to provide one or two systems that'll be challenging to potential
developers.  (Support for the 11/730 has often been asked for in the

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