Subject: Re: Back to the Dilog SCSI controller...
To: J. Buck Caldwell <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/01/1998 17:21:30
J. Buck Caldwell wrote:
> So: I've tried probing the standard CSRs for the first and second UDA and MTA - no luck. I still
> haven't heard back from Dilog about whether or not they'll give me the dip settings without forking
> over $50 for a manual.

  SQ739 DIP switch settings:

IP/SA Base Address:

MSCP Base Address		SW1-1	SW1-2
172150 (default)		Off		Off
160334					On		Off
160340					Off		On
User-defined in			On		On

TMSCP Base Address		SW1-3	SW1-4
174500 (default)		Off		Off
160404					On		Off
160410					Off		On
User-defined in			On		On

Bootstrap Address/Select

Boorstrap Address		SW1-5
Disabled (default)		Off
Enabled					On

Bootstrap Select		SW1-6
173000 (default)		Off
175000					On

Autoboot Select			SW1-7
Disabled (default)		Off
Enabled					On

  I think that the bootstrap/autoboot stuff is PDP-11-oriented stuff and so
you should leave it alone.
  I run mine in the "user-defined" mode and use the configuration menu to deal
with it.  There are instructions on how to get at this from the PROM prompt but
it's likely easier to plug your machine's serial console cable into the serial
port on the SQ739 and use it that way.  9600bps, 8N1.
  BTW, I got these docs from a guy at Dilog.  I asked about it on comp.sys.dec
and he faxed them to me.

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