Subject: Re: Netbooting KA650 w/DELQA?
To: Brian D Chase <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih+mail@Hamartun.Priv.NO>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/01/1998 07:26:58
I don't know how I did it -- I was looking at a table of information
in the DELQA User's Manual and describing what I saw there -- but in
my last message, I managed to swap the words "open" and "closed" in
the description of the switch that controls the CSR of the interface
board.  This even after going back and checking.  *sigh*  To recap:

As shipped, all 5 DIP switches are closed.  This means that the board
is at CSR 17774440 (first interface), operating in normal mode, with
triggered MOP remote boot disabled.

Switch 1 controls the CSR: closed is first interface, open is second
interface, at CSR 17774460.

Switch 2 is reserved.

Switch 3 controls the emulation: closed is normal (DELQA) mode, open
is DEQNA-lock mode.

Switch 4 controls triggered MOP remote boot in normal mode, automatic
sanity timer start in DEQNA-lock mode.  In both cases, the facility in
question is disabled when switch 4 is closed, enabled when it is open.

Switch 5 is reserved.

Brian D Chase <> writes:

> When I examined the dip switch block on my DELQA, all 5 switches
> were already set to the open position.  The "show ethernet" and
> "test 82" commands confirmed that in this configuration the DELQA
> was at CSR 17774440 and in DELQA mode.

They were probably all closed, as per default.

> I left this alone since I was able to MOPload fine.  Unfortunately
> I'm still unable to get the machine to netboot with the DELQA in
> DEQNA mode.

Reading the relevant parts of the User's Manual more carefully, it
seems to me that MOP boot initiated by the computer is, in both modes,
dependent on the host system.  What switch 4 can enable in DELQA mode
is the ability to accept a remotely initiated network boot from the
power-on reset state in response to a MOP "trigger" from a remote
host.  (Likewise, the sanity timer is always available, but the
default position of switch 4 when the board has been switched into
DEQNA-lock mode disables the automatic starting of it at power-on.  I
think.  The manual could have been more clear.)

Maybe the KA650 (at least in the revision you have) cannot MOP boot
with a DEQNA, requiring a DELQA to do it?  I seem to recall that the
combination of KA650 and DEQNA is officially unsupported by DEC...?

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