Subject: Re: How to network
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/23/1997 18:27:07
On 1997-08-22 said to
 cj>>  AUI:  Female 'D' type connector. Looks like a smaller 25D serial
 cj>>        port. (_technically_ not a D, but it'll do for now :)
 cj>>        Requires an external transciever to connect to any of
 cj>>        10base5, 10base2, or 10baseT.
 cj>Why an external tranceiver?
 cj>DELNI ROCKS! ;-)

DELNI Sucks Rocks!  It is a bad concept taken to extreme.  The internal
electronics have really bad specs. Rise times suck.  Dump it if
Recommend you tie together the systems with 10BASE2 ($.20/ft +
$5.00/cable end + $5.00/termination) unless you have a larger
infrastructure already.   
 cj>(especially if you have some old AUI switch/multiple bridge things
 cj>Sorry, just had to say that...


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