Subject: Re: How to network
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/23/1997 13:08:47
At 05:17 PM 8/21/97 -0700, David Brownlee wrote:
>	There are three ethernet cable types:
>	10base5: Thick ethernet. Uses _really_ think cables with 'vampire'
>		 taps for transcivers. Can run up to 500m, but not used
>	         anymore :) Machines are 'daisy chained' together with a
>		 terminator at each end.

I've always heard of 10Base-5 cable as being "AUI cable"?

>	10base2: Thin ethernet. Uses coax cable similar to a TV (but
>		 higher spec). Network cables are connected via BNC 'T'
>		 pieces. Each T piece connects to an external transciver,
>		 or direct onto a machine with a 'BNC' interface. Machines
>		 are daisy chained in the same as as 10base5.

And if you have problems with slightly bad 10Base-2 cable(s) then it's 
*very* difficult to find the bad cable. Plus, DELNIs are cheap (a DEC
10Base-5 hub of sorts) so I'm switching over to 10Base-5 as I can. For
the machines that I have that don't have an AUI connector, I'm going to
move to 10Base-T sometime in the next year. 

>	Plus three types of ethernet interface:
>	AUI:  Female 'D' type connector. Looks like a smaller 25D serial
>	      port. (_technically_ not a D, but it'll do for now :)
>	      Requires an external transciever to connect to any of
>	      10base5, 10base2, or 10baseT.

Really requires a transciever to connect to 10Base-5?

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