Subject: Re: VS3100: success with netbooting, limited SCSI success
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/15/1997 11:38:53
> It did stop to ask me for a root device, swap device etc. and initially
> started single-user.  I know how to hardwire the root device in the
> kernel there any way to fake things so that "book dka000"
> will try to load from rom(0,0) instead of sd(0,0)?

Yes, that's possible. I once started to play with that, but didn't
have enough time/interest to finish...

first step is to add the correct combination of device-number/driver
into the switch(es) in bootxx.c and in conf.c/rom.c [I just browsed through
some source files, bootxx.c seems to be already prepared for that, thus
modifying conf.c might be enough].

second step is to fiddle with unit-numbers. You won't need that for
dka0, but with dka300 you'll need to convert 300 --> 3 when talking
to NetBSD, and from 3 to 300 when talking to hardware.

All in all, once you found the right spots, it should be minor 


PS: another possibility would be to replace the sdxxx() routines in sd.c
    (which is the not working standalone ncr driver) by wrappers/calls to
    romxxx() routines.