Subject: Re: VS3100: success with netbooting, limited SCSI success
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/15/1997 04:39:53
>From: Bertram Barth <>
> [...]
>From the first look I'd say it's a problem with the DMA interface.
>I don't know if this helps, but you could try to force the use of
>the ka43 interface instead of the ka410 interface which is default
>for ka42.
>> One thing that looks somewhat screwy is that the DMA base address is
>> defined differently for KA410 and KA420 machines in ka410.h and
>> ka420.h.  But only the KA410 DMA address seems to occur anywhere in
>> the code -- in vsa/vsbus.c we have:
>You might want to try this one instead:
>struct confargs ka420_devs[] = {
>        { "le",         5,      5,      0x250,  (1<<5), KA420_LAN_BASE,
>                        KA420_NWA_BASE, 0x00,                           },
>        { "ncr",        1,      1,      0x3F8,  (1<<1), KA420_SC1_BASE,
>                        KA420_SC1_DADR, KA420_SC1_DCNT, KA420_SC1_DDIR,
>                        KA420_DMA_BASE, KA420_DMA_SIZE, 0x01,   0x07,   },
>        { "ncr",        0,      0,      0x3FC,  (1<<0), KA420_SC2_BASE,
>                        KA420_SC2_DADR, KA420_SC2_DCNT, KA420_SC2_DDIR,
>                        KA420_DMA_BASE, KA420_DMA_SIZE, 0x01,   0x07,   },
>        { "" },
>        { "hdc",        0,      0,      0x3FC,  (1<<0), KA420_DKC_BASE, 
>                        0,      0,      0, 
>                        KA420_D16_BASE, KA420_D16_SIZE, 0x00,           },

Hmm, some of those symbols are not defined, KA420_SC1* and KA420_SC2*
seem to be missing from ka420.h.

In my own attempt I had left these values as the original had them.
This time, I tried replacing them with KA43_SC1_BASE etc.  Both
produced the same results: any attempt to mount the disk results in:
stray interrupt scb 0, vec 0xcc stray interrupt scb 0, vec 0xcc
[... repeat until the cows come home ...]

I'm willing to try any other ideas you might have.


entropy -- it's not just a good idea, it's the second law.

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