Subject: RE: finally....
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/14/1997 08:51:08
On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <From  Thu Aug 14 07:54:39 1997
> <Not really, it's in section 3.16 of the FAQ.
> Well I'll take all the fluff out of that sections that applies to this and:
> #mount /dev/ra0a /mnt
> #mount /dev/ra0f /mnt/usr  /* I have the user partition as ra0f */
> #cp /gennetbsd /mnt/netbsd   /* that what's written, I assume that was one  
>                              of many typos and /Gennnetbsd is /netbsd */
	It used to be gennetbsd - looks like the FAQ needs updating :)

> #cp /boot /mnt/boot
> All done and seems to have been error free.
> The text has this whole thing about using a dec mips to gunzip the the files 
> first... to make the tar tape.  I can't, this is currently the only 
> useful(*?*) unix boxen I have.  
	The miniroot should contain gzip/gunzip - its just faster to do it
	on a bigger box :)

> So I have a tape with bin.tar.gz and ect.tar.gz!  In essence that
> text says do majik here and then...
> #cd  /mnt
> #tar --unlink -xpvf /dev/nrmt8
> It assumes I have something I dont a tape with only tar files not gzipped
> tarfiles.  My foolish assumption is that when I got to this point enough of 
> netbsd would be there to handle this detail.
	I believe it should be - try adding the 'z' flag to tar 
	(tar --unlink -xpzvf /dev/nrmt8)

> Also I still am dependent on ra0b as root.  How do I get the root on ra0a?
> This would allow swapping to be started and also normal access to all the 
> partitions.
	You need to run either disklabel -B or /usr/mdec/installboot
	(I think the vax port uses the latter)

> The rest of the faq goes on about using nfs and making tapes by smoke and 
> mirrors.  The nfs option is only remotely possible as now I have to build a 
> viable net from the only system that can FTP off the internet, my PC dosbox.
> I have a major design problem with this... it's call lumping untested and 
> new hardware/software onto a problem thereby increasing the number of 
> variables for why it doesn't work.  So far I've had to build a system to 
> copy floppies across different hardware and filesystems and it' has not 
> been close to error free.  So whenever a step doesn't work it means was 
> netBSD is bad or the transmission of that piece. If it is was not netBSD 
> then I have to debug the stream of transmission as well. 

	If you have a tape with the gzipped tarfiles the above tar should
	work. Otherwise I could always put up a copy of the gunzipped
	tarfiles for you to download? :)


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