Subject: RE: finally....
To: 'Allison J Parent' <>
From: Paul Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/14/1997 09:46:13
So, now you're to the easy part.. I've always found the easiest way to =
complete this step is to NFS mount a machine holding the tarballs. =
Mounted under someting like "/ins-tree" (you would "mkdir /ins-tree" =
followed by "mount machine:/path-to-tarballs /ins-tree" (this assumes =
the source dir listed in "/etc/exports" on the server)

Once the files are accessable, and all your installation partitions are =
mounted in the right order. You can \
"tar xfzv /ins-tree/tarball.tar.gz /path-to-root" for each file.

The slower way to do this is to FTP all the files to "/ins-tree" before =
untaring them (in lieu of being able to NFS mount).

(at least I think this is how I did it.. maybe tapes are easier after =


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From:	Allison J Parent []
Sent:	Thursday, August 14, 1997 3:22 AM
Subject:	finally....

Well I now have 1.2c partially on the machine and I can boot off the =

After much gyration and retesting of every step I reformatted the rd54
yet again. Then used 1.2G-rx33 to edlabel it.  As that was a successful=20
rx33 even if the miniroot disks were useless.  With that =
I used it to copy the 1.2c-tk50 that I have.  Next step was to force =
read/write.  This took many tries but it finally did it, why I have no =
Then I had to dd the raboot and then I could disklabel the boot blocks.  =
was also able to now newfs all of my partitions. =20

The next step is to copy the *.tar.gz files off the tape and put them in =
right places. The howto and faq seems to have left this as an exercize =
those that are experts and know unix well.  HELP!

At this point I've been awake 22 hours and the brain is very unhappy.  I =

have advanced myself far enough to see the system build process go =
than before.  Time for bed.