Subject: Re: ftp problem solved; another problem!
To: Gordon Zaft <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/11/1997 16:54:24
Gordon Zaft wrote:
> 	I followed the FAQ  up until the part where it said to ./MAKEDEV std
> ; when I did that it went on for some time, complaining that devices already
> existed; then the machine panicked and rebooted.

  On my current machine I pulled *only* MAKEDEV out of dev.tar.  That works
well since you can create just the devices you want without the crapload of
stuff dev.tar has.
  Are you running the "new" 1.2G kernel or the stock one from the snapshot?
The one in the snapshot dies quite a bit; the new one is much nicer.  Alas I
can't recall where the new one is stored, although it should be in the port-vax
archives.  It's a mesage from Ragge with a subject like "Fixed bug".

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