Subject: Re: ftp problems w/miniroot
To: Gordon Zaft <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/10/1997 15:48:35
On August 10, you wrote:
> 	When I PING the VAX I don't get anything (not surprising, I assume
> the miniroot doesn't have that functionality built in to respond) but I
> do see a blip on the activity light for the PC, so I'm assuming the hardware
> is okay.  When I attempt to FTP to the PC I get a blip on the activity light
> for the VAX port on the hub, so I am assuming that the hardware there is
> okay too.

  ICMP_ECHOREPLY stuff is built into the should respond to
pings just fine.  I would suspect your DEQNA or cabling is
misbehaving.  Remember that a link light on a 10baseT hub only
indicates continuity in one direction.

> 	Any ideas what my problem might be?  And as an aside, I've tried it
> with SQE both on and off on the VAX 10BaseT transceiver.  Which is correct?

  SQE should be off.

                         -Dave McGuire