Subject: vs2000 formatter....
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/09/1997 09:23:18
Allison J. Parent writes:
> Does anyone have information on the RD format command for VS2000 (TEST 70)?
> If the disk is unformatted or unrecognized it ask a truckload of parameter
> questions.  I don't have data on what they are asking for. 

If you're using "standard" disks like RDxx most of the formatting parameters
should be guessed by the Vs2000 automagically, all you need to input is
yes/no or 0/1. Anything else indicates a problem (IMHO). Things are different
for non-standard disks.

BTW: If you intend to use the disk formatted in Vs2k in uVAX-II you might
	run into problems. I don't know for sure why this happened, but 
	I once formatted an RD54 in an Vs2k and I couldn't use/install this
	disk on my uVAX-II with RDQX3. Somehow it was impossible to boot
	from this drive, maybe this depends on the versions of Vs2k's and
	RQDX3's ROM. I couldn't go deeper in that since I no longer have
	this drive...