Subject: Re: vs2000 formatter....
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/08/1997 21:18:32
Hi Allison: 
I've had general success in figuring out what the parameters should be in 
TEST 70, and have successfully formatted a few non-DEC disks. I have some
formulas that are mostly self-derived that generally work.
Send me the specs on your drive and I'll check my handy chart with the    
formulas that seem to work "most of the time". I've even had success with
old PS2 drives.
The only failure I've had is a Maxtor XT-1140, I can't get this to work at


> Does anyone have information on the RD format command for VS2000 (TEST 70)?
> If the disk is unformatted or unrecognized it ask a truckload of parameter
> questions.  I don't have data on what they are asking for. 
> Is there a list?  I've been using the PDP-11 to format but the vs2k is 
> quieter and will apso do the job IF I know the answers to the questions
> or at least wht they are asking for. They are cryptic!
> Allison

Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD