Subject: Re: bogosity
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/07/1997 17:35:18
<I (believe it or not) loaded a copy of VMS onto the uVAX, used COPY to 
<get a hexified copy of Kermit loaded and running on the uVAX, and then

I'd have to rebuild a copy of vms first.  The only one I have is crippled.
I have a good copy on my 3100... but it has no tape and DECnet won't run
as there are no license keys installed.... so that path is closed for a 

Another big step back and do it all over again.  Sorry, when someone fixes 
the rx33 media so it works I'll try again.  I have spent 5 days x12+ hours 
trying to make this work and I keep finding broken stuff all over the place.

Even 1.0a complains that aboot is missing!  Yes I found a place to copy
the rx50set from and after finding that teledisk 2.12 will not recreate a 
valid 2.11 disks I copied teledisk 2.11 and I made the set of rx50s.  This 
is broken!  Every inch of the way it's broken.

Someone suggested life on the bleeding edge is rough.  I've brought up bare 
8008s, 8080s, z80s, 8088s, 1802s, 9900s, 8035s, 2901 based bit slices,  
pdp11s, Even done VMS and RSTS installs.  all without the benefit of 
datascopes, logic analysers and even eprom blasters.  My first cpm system 
build was done on an altair with toggle switchs.  NOTHING I've even 
encountered comes close to this not even rebuilding my s100 crate after a 
direct hit from lightining!