Subject: Re: bogosity
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/07/1997 15:35:23
FYI the system is a known functional MVII, I even got a RD54 for it!  It's 
not on any net running any unix.

RQDX3 rd54, rx33(or rx50)
DELQA (next node is VMS but no net keys)

As microvaxIIs go that is pretty plain.

also the rx33-boot.tdi is a good disk as I've booted, edlabeled and even 
copied _IF_ its a single volume.  I've even used it to copy 1.2c tk50 
and boot the miniroot though there seems to be a probem with making the 
ra0b r/w.  If I could crak that I might get the disklabel to go and move to 
bootin of the hard disk.

<I have that version running and it is stable enough.
<has and Those are NetBSD 1.0 RX50 images and 

I have teledisk already.  Nbsd V1.0 is sufficiently broken to not consider.
I can make rx50s and rx33s already and the tools used are confirmed working
using venix(for pro350) and other systems.

<use this to boot the uVAX, install a miniroot, and ftp the 1.1A images 
<over to write boot tapes. The 1.1A files are at 

If I could FTP anything or even close that would be good but I seen that as 
a major chicken and egg loop.  If I could FTP to TK50 it would be 1.1a or 
even 1.2G but I cannot.  The closest I can come to that is to FTP it to my
local PC(dos), xmodem(under vms) to the vax, try to make a tape.  If the 
RX33(or 50) disks weren't broken or there were rx33(or 50)s for 1.1a I 
could save myself some major pain.

Again with the TK50s, I have nothing on the net or with a modem at this time 
that can write that to TK50.

<1.2 is just not the place to jump in, you must have a working 1.1 machine

The problem is your need a unix machine to make the 1.1a machine... here we
go again.  The Pro350 with venix is of no help advantage.  The linix PC 
system I'm building is still crippled (bad CDrom drive), I may try Freebsd 
of the net using floppies.  That one looks possible.  Either way it's not 
there and even when it is there is only 300mb of disk.

While several people have offered me a tk50 of 1.2g or 1.1a the problem is
the next person is also in the same boat.  If the 1.2G rx media worked or
there were 1.1a rx media then there would be a chance to actually follow
the faq or the general install procedure.  No matter what I get going I'll
never have room enough to compile a kernal so at best I can report problem 
and fix smaller utilities.

Any suggestions on how I might take the 1.1a tk50 image(s) and split it up 
across say two rx33s?

Ragge, have you any idea why the rx**-copy*-12g floppies are duds?
They only fail reading the next volume not the first.