Subject: bogosity
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/06/1997 22:42:24
recursive construction of new systems is at best frustrating if you have a 
full suite of tools.

Netbsd however, is proving to be beyond my 20+ years of hacking.  Why?  Ever 
turn I find something missing or broken at critical junctures.  The impact 
of this is I have to start again from square zero.  Time consuming and 
pitfall laden.

The only miniroot I have that works(at all) is 1.2c but it's missing 
disklabel.  The RX33 stuff is non loadable, apparently the 1.2G nboot
has a big problem with multivolume sets, it will not.

Ok, the faq says for 1.2c you can mount -u /dev/ra0b; foo on that it will 
not and mount claims b is an unknown special file or file system.  Ok
that means I can't do the DD trick to copy the code needed to make disklabel
do the -B.  the astounding lack of success is wearing me out.  At every 
corner there are traps like this.  At some point it would be clear that 
1.2* is not a functional system that can be installed without a functional
system being there first!   Chicken and egg.

I'm going to take one more shot to try building a set of 1.2g rx33 floppies 
in the hopes I've done something wrong.  If I cannot, I give up.