Subject: Re: Vax 11/730
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Rick GC <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/05/1997 22:44:35

Well you are right on the money regarding full, this box is completely full!
It's contents and peripherals are interesting when compared to vaxes I have
been exposed to (uVax 3600, II, 11/780, 3100).  This is the first Vax I have
gotten that came with a complete set of docs and software as shipped from
DEC (the doc's say that this is a stock machine).  It has a RL02, RA80, TS05
and the main processor chassis that contains two TU58's, one on the front
panel and one on the side! (not sure what this one on the side is about yet)
all mounted in two short racks. 

Since you compared it to a 750 I have to mention that I have the guts out of
two 750 (don't ask me why, some friends layed these on me) so if the memory
boards could be used or card cages could be linked it might make for an
interesting freaky Frankenstein kluge monster thing that might run off of
lighning (have to wait till winter of course), where did I leave that
lightning rod?

This machine is for fun only, no stress here just interesting to see is I
can get NetBSD to run on it.


><Just a quick question (ha, ha!) is it possible or has anyone tried running
><NetBSD on a Vax 11/730? 
>>From a generic vax standpoint the 730 and 750 very close to being the same 
>thing save for expandability and speed.  The problem is most 730s unless 
>expanded will tend to be short on memory as the box was small and full.