Subject: Re: installation... what happend?
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/01/1997 00:58:13
Allison J Parent wrote:
> We'll see.  I already tweeked the edlabel readme as I learn more I will do 
> more.  The edlabel thing is pretty wacked, it seems a simple standalone 
> program to write the partition info to the target disk and even install
> the booter would be more direct.  Also default based on standard DEC disks
> would be a good thing. 

  Yes, edlabel is a bit of a crock.  I think it's been a victim of "it works
and there are neater things to work on".

> I'm headed toward an integrate doc for howto install on a microvaxII
> with the nominal config (rd5x drives) using tk50. from there I will put it 
> on the vs2k I have which should be very close.

  We'll all look forward to it.  :)

> really, I havent the first clue what to do.  This is where knowing OSs is 
> not enough and the writers assume (far to heavily)  knowledge of unix.  

  I can't remember what's in the howto but it's basically like this, once you
get your label written and get the miniroot booted.  This assumes you're
working with ra0 (DUA0).

Make root filesystem:
# newfs /dev/rra0a

Mount the root filesystem:
# mount /dev/ra0a /mnt

Copy over the kernel and booter:
# cp gennetbsd boot /mnt

Now you have to attack those tar files.  I did this, since I had them NFS-

# ifconfig qe0 blah.blah.blah.blah netmask
# mount /mnt2

Remember that the "new" root is mounted on /mnt!
# cd /mnt
# tar --unlink -xvpf /mnt2/bin.tar

(I already un-gzipped them).

  Hope that's helpful, not insulting, and correct.  :)

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