Subject: Re: NetBSD installation problem
To: John Wilson <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1997 14:44:24
	Would it make sense to upload a copy of a utility like this
	into a vax/utils subdir on (in the same way
	that os-bs is in the i386/utils dir)?


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On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, John Wilson wrote:

> >From: Ken Wellsch <>
> >Naturally I *don't*
> >have "portable" copies of all sorts of "special" RX50 floppies I keep
> >stashed on tape and now CD-ROM for the long-haul...  8-)  -- Ken
> I never miss a chance for a plug!  PUTR.COM can also read/write/format
> RX50s on a PC with a 1.2MB drive, but it *can* make "portable" copies of
> disks (i.e. in the same format that "dd" or RT11's COPY/FILE/DEV would give
> you), so you don't need need to keep a PC around forever to run Teledisk.
> I and others have found that Teledisk doesn't work on all PCs, especially
> the faster ones (timing loops maybe?).  Anyway PUTR.COM is available from
> -- note that you *MUST* read the doc file
> (putr.doc in the above directory) before using PUTR, the program is intended
> to be very general so you need to tell it the right things to handle the
> specific case of making raw copies of RX50s (not like single-purpose programs
> such as RAWRITE).  If you think it doesn't work, PLEASE send email to me
> before smearing me all over the net, I will provide the correct commands
> and/or fix the problem.  The case of RX50s is easy, run PUTR and then --
> MOUNT A: /FOREIGN/RX50		then:
> COPY/FILE/DEV A: filename	or:
> COPY/FILE/DEV filename A:	(format first with FORMAT A: /RX50)
> John Wilson
> D Bit