Subject: Re: NetBSD installation problem
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John Wilson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1997 15:55:48
>From: Ken Wellsch <>

>Naturally I *don't*
>have "portable" copies of all sorts of "special" RX50 floppies I keep
>stashed on tape and now CD-ROM for the long-haul...  8-)  -- Ken

I never miss a chance for a plug!  PUTR.COM can also read/write/format
RX50s on a PC with a 1.2MB drive, but it *can* make "portable" copies of
disks (i.e. in the same format that "dd" or RT11's COPY/FILE/DEV would give
you), so you don't need need to keep a PC around forever to run Teledisk.
I and others have found that Teledisk doesn't work on all PCs, especially
the faster ones (timing loops maybe?).  Anyway PUTR.COM is available from -- note that you *MUST* read the doc file
(putr.doc in the above directory) before using PUTR, the program is intended
to be very general so you need to tell it the right things to handle the
specific case of making raw copies of RX50s (not like single-purpose programs
such as RAWRITE).  If you think it doesn't work, PLEASE send email to me
before smearing me all over the net, I will provide the correct commands
and/or fix the problem.  The case of RX50s is easy, run PUTR and then --
COPY/FILE/DEV A: filename	or:
COPY/FILE/DEV filename A:	(format first with FORMAT A: /RX50)

John Wilson
D Bit