Subject: Re: NetBSD installation problem
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1997 13:20:23
Anders Magnusson wrote:
> >   Hooray!  Does this mean that we can dd raw RX50s now as well (like to make
> > backups of the field diag disks)?
> > 
> Yes, I hope so anyway; haven't tried RX50's though.

  Once I get my machine up to 1.2G (man--will that be painful!) I'll let people
know how it gues.

> I have been forced 
> to change disk on my development machine from RA82 to RA90 this 
> afternoon because the source tree couldn't compile (I'm trying to 
> make a new world recompiling). 

  All you lucky guys with RA-series disks, and I have to make do with boring
SCSI disks that are much lower on the coolness scale (although way more

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